Public Philosophy

Public Lectures

May 2013. Education and the Good Life. Keynote Address, Phi Kappa Phi annual banquet and induction ceremony. University of Montana.

March 2016. Veritas Forum (Speaker) : “Does science point to atheism?“. University of Montana.

April 2017. Veritas Forum (Moderator): “Can there be separation of Church and State?“. University of Montana.


I am very happy to be a monthly guest on “KGVO Talk Back”. I have discussed a large variety of issues on there, including veganism, sex work, free speech, originalism, racism, the death penalty, euthanasia, and the value of the environment.  My goal is to model an example of civil, reasoned, and engaging conversations about some of the most controversial issues of our times. I am immensely grateful to Jon King and Peter Christian for welcoming a philosopher on their show, and giving me a chance to “reach across the isle”.


Social Media


The Environment


In the News

I have a strong interest in being a public voice.  Some of the appearance I have recently made in the news are linked below. 

“Don’t Cut University of Montana’s Students Short”, Missoulian, April 2018

University of Montana Faculty: Spinal Cord Injury has Track Record of Failure“, Missoulian, Feb. 2017

“UM advised to forgo pig research lab”, Missoulian, Jan. 2017

Science Visions

I used to serve as a member of the editorial board of Science Visions, the PSA Women’s Caucus online blog. Below are my contributions to the blog. Among other things, I wrote about civic engagement, impostor syndrome, inclusive teaching, and Cross Fit.

On what it means to make the world a better place.  (April 2015)

Impostors Unite! (October 2015)

A second best for inclusive teaching (April 2016)

The Dawn (December 2016)

On Marathons, Cross Fit, and the Academic Life (August 2017)