I am a Professor of Philosophy, Co-director of our Master’s Program in Environmental Philosophy, and Director of the Pre-Law Program at the University of Montana. I am an Agrégée in Philosophy and a former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure.

Research: Quantum Mechanics, Models, Public Trust, Scientific Understanding, and Science and Values.

I have been conducting research in the philosophy of science for more than 15 years. I have published articles on the interpretation of quantum mechanics, scientific modeling, dissent in science, science and values, and edited a public-facing volume providing a survey of issues in philosophy of physics (in French). I am currently working on a book with Armond Duwell on scientific understanding, in which we explain how the great diversity of scientific practices provides understanding as they contribute possible solutions to relevant problems.

Teaching: Philosophy of Science, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Animals

I have taught classes in Modern philosophy, philosophy of science, the foundations of ecology, philosophy of law, and philosophy of animals. I employ active learning strategies in my teaching. I also focus on engaged philosophy in my courses. I was the recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Award and the William Reynolds Award for Excellence in Teaching Across the Curriculum in 2024. I have also won a Promoting Intellectual Excellence Award 5 years in a row.

Public Philosophy

I believe public philosophy is critical even if challenging. Check out my public outreach page if you are interested.

University of Montana Pre-Law Program

I am also the Director of the Pre-Law Program at the University of Montana, which I founded and build. I get to help and mentor some of the most wonderful human beings I have known doing so. Please go to the UM Pre-Law Program website for more information.

Diversity and Inclusion

I believe it is my responsibility as a person with tremendous privilege and in a position of relative power to be an ally and amplify the voices of historically marginalized populations. I have been a member of the Philosophy of Science Association’s Women Caucus, now D.E.I. Caucus since 2008. I have working on the Underrepresented Scholars in Philosophy of Science initiative since its inception.

Environmental Advocacy

I am committed to do my part to mitigate some of the effects of the climate crisis. I have served on the Philosophy of Science Association’s Sustainability Committee since its inception. I also serve as the co-director of our Master’s Program in Environmental Philosophy at the University of Montana. I was the recipient of the University of Montana Sustainability Award at the University of Montana in 2021. In 2025, I will be organizing the ISEE conference in Missoula. I am also a member of Philosophers for Sustainability and I serve on the Program Committee for the 2025 Central APA conference which will take place fully online to mitigate some of the philosophy community’s carbon footprint. Finally, I volunteer and serve as vice-chair of the Board of Directors for Animal Wonders.

Finally, if you would like a little bit of background, feel free to check out my personal story.

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New Paper on Public Trust and Democratic Values

Where I challenge the ideas that appealing to democratic values necessarily helps with restoring public trust in value-laden science. https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/philosophy-of-science/article/how-to-not-secure-public-trust-in-science-representative-values-v-polarization-and-marginalization/9A7D89BC608414714D4B1A45B08D10CD

New paper out

My paper on Kate Elgin’s account of scientific understating is out.  Main claim: Elgin is a veritist despite her claims to the contrary.  Enjoy! http://10.1007/s11229-019-02413-4

PSA Governing board

Another academic year and some news.  I have been elected to the Philosophy of Science Association Governing Board.  I am most interested in promoting diversity and public outreach in our profession.